Yes. Please make sure that each child has his/her own envelope to bring to the photographer. Please also note on the children’s folders without the payment enclosed that the payment is in with another child.

A retake day is set up by your school and all you need to do is return the picture package on retake day to the photographer and a new package will be made using the retake portrait.

To correct a package, simply call our studio at 262-754-8889. We are open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. Feel free to leave a message with your student’s name, grade, school and your correction if your call is not during office hours.

Class pictures and class composites typically arrive to the school in January after all of the retake days have occurred. Class pictures typically arrive sooner. Yearbooks are delivered to the school in late spring. These items will NOT arrive with your picture package.

Please call the studio at 262-754-8889. We can replace the background for you and get you a new package with the correct background. Please either return your picture package to the school or the studio.

Please call the studio at 262-754-8889. You can reorder the entire package with retouching at the original package price instead of reorder pricing.

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